Deposit & Consumer Products

As the primary depository institution for many of our members, the Jefferson County Federal Credit Union endeavors to provide all of the different types of high quality deposit accounts that our membership demands. All dividend paying accounts consistently pay above market rate. Direct deposit is welcome. All accounts are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000.00.

  • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - Share Accounts are the primary accounts used by the membership. Our share accounts are accounts that are comparable to bank passbook accounts. Members are invited to deposit into their share accounts directly or by payroll deduction. Above market dividends are paid quarterly on the average daily balance. Unrestricted withdrawal privileges are afforded on this account. The minimum balance requirement is $25.00.

  • CHECKING ACCOUNTS - Share Draft Accounts are also available.  The share draft account is a checking account. There is no minimum balance, no monthly service charge or charge per item. Access to the JEANIE, PULSE and PLUS networks is free for the first seven visits unless the ATM you choose charges a surcharge. We have no control over other machine owners. We do however have an arrangement with the ALLIANCE ONE Network and the Fifth Third Network (Jeanie Machines) and you will not be charged a surcharge there. Preauthorized payments for recurring payments or deposits can be set up to post to the share draft account. Deposits can be made at participating ATMs.

  • CASH INVESTMENT ACCOUNT/CORPORATE INVESTMENT ACCOUNT - Cash Investment Accounts (CIA) provide our membership and with coupled with the convenience of checking. We offer unrestricted access to the Cash Investment Account. As with the share draft account, unrestricted access to the ALLIANCE ONE Network and the Fifth Third Network (Jeanie Machines) ATM networks are provided free. Above market dividends are paid monthly on this account. The minimum balance requirement is $1000.00. These are available for corporations and organizations of our natural person members and referred to as Corporate Cash Investment Account (CCIA).  Most of the same benefits are available on CCIA that come with the CIA.

  • REWARDS +PLUS+ CHECKING Click Here For More Information

  • IRA ACCOUNTS - Individual Retirement Accounts are available to members seeking a vehicle for tax-sheltered savings. The credit union offers two options for investment. Our IRA Accumulation account provides our membership with a "passbook" type account. The Accumulation account offers unrestricted deposit and withdrawal privileges. Above market dividends are paid quarterly on the average daily balance. The minimum balance requirement is $5.00. There are new ways to take advantage of tax-free AND tax-deferred savings through individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Perhaps the biggest news for retirement investors is the creation of the Roth IRA, which allows you to grow your retirement savings and withdraw them at retirement paying 0% capital gains tax! Check out IRA Options for more details.

  • IRA CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT - Our regular above market certificate rates and favorable terms can be applied to IRA deposits as well. The minimum balance requirement is $500.00 and the minimum term is one year.

  • CLUB ACCOUNTS - Club Accounts for Christmas Savings, Vacations, Escrow, Kids and other provident purposes are provided. These deposits earn above market rates.

  • CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT - Share Certificates provide our members with the vehicle to lock away deposits for longer terms entitling the member to an even higher dividend rate. Members are invited to select from terms ranging from three months to five years. In contrast to many depository institutions, the member's principal is never penalized in the event of early withdrawal. The minimum balance requirement is $500.00.

  • DIRECT DEPOSIT - Direct Deposit your payroll to the credit union. It’s safer, faster and easier. You can also direct deposit your federal income tax refund.

  • AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS - You can have monthly recurring payments deducted directly from your savings or checking account automatically. You would set up this service directly through the company that will be debiting the account (i.e. the mortgage or utility company). The member needs our routing number (283079094) and their savings or checking MICR account number. The member must indicate the type of account that they are using to set up the automatic payment from.

  • DEBIT CARDS - No Monthly Fee! Your point of sale (POS) purchases will be deducted from your share draft or CIA account just like they’ve been and it will be accepted at any merchant displaying the MasterCard logo.


    In addition it also accesses your account as an ATM card at any machine displaying any logo below.


    As always ATM transactions are SURCHARGE FREE at any machines displaying the Alliance One Logo below.

  • ATM INFORMATION - A list of the machines are available on the Alliance One website click here.

    In addition ATM transactions at any Fifth Third Bank "Jeanie ATM" is SURCHARGE FREE to JCFCU members. There are over 1,800 machines in the region. JCFCU has reached an agreement with Fifth Third Bank in which we will be subsidizing members' surcharges at Fifth Third Bank ATMs.


  • BILL PAYER - The program is very easy to use and it is FREE. You must have a Share Draft (checking) Account with JCFCU. There is no limit to the number of monthly transactions you can make. Log on to our website, go to "Home Branch" via the account access button, click the Bill Payer button and complete the enrollment form on our secure site. We will respond via e-mail your approval status in 2 business days or less. Once you are approved you may pay most bills from the comfort and privacy of your personal computer on our secured website. When you log in you may view and/or print all pertinent disclosures and details.

    Click here to see a Bill Payer Demo

  • OVERDRAFT PROTECTION - We understand. It happens to everyone. You made an honest mistake in your checkbook. You’re a little short of cash two or three days before payday. Unusual or unforeseen expenses popped up at just the wrong time. Let Safe Landing Direct Deposit come to the rescue! Safe Landing Direct Deposit will prevent embarrassing moments when these little emergencies arise. Instead of returning overdrawn items on your share draft account, we will automatically pay them for you, up to the SL limit of $500. Safe Landing Direct Deposit adds a pre-approved $500 overdraft limit to your personal share draft account. If you overdraw your account, we may pay your share draft(s) up to the aggregate $500 limit. Your account will be accessed a Non-Sufficient Funds and/or Safe Landing Direct Deposit charge for each item we pay against an overdrawn account  (See Schedule of Fees).  As always, if the funds are available in your Regular Share account, we will transfer those funds to pay the item before initiating the Safe Landing Direct Deposit. There are many benefits to you with this new authorization.

    • You won't pay merchant returned share draft charges.
    • You won't pay collection agency fees for returned share draft charges.
    • You avoid the embarrassment of insufficient funds returned share drafts.
    • You have the added measure of safety protecting your good credit rating.

    This is not available for any account that has been open less than 90 days. We will notify you by mail when this service becomes available to you.


  • ACH ORIGINATION - Allows you to transfer funds between JCFCU and another financial institution quickly and easily. You can set up the transfer yourself in Home Branch under Transfers – External Transfers. You will have to verify the amounts of 3 small microdeposits in your account at the other financial institution before the transfer can be set up. Also, call us first it you are attempting to transfer more than $5,000 or if your account has been open less than 90 days.