Checking Accounts

  • REGULAR CHECKING ACCOUNT - A basic checking account with no additional fees and no minimum balance required.

  • CASH INVESTMENT ACCOUNT/CORPORATE INVESTMENT ACCOUNT - Cash Investment Accounts (CIA) provide our membership and with coupled with the convenience of checking. We offer unrestricted access to the Cash Investment Account. As with the share draft account, unrestricted access to the ALLIANCE ONE Network and the Fifth Third Network (Jeanie Machines) ATM networks are provided free. Above market dividends are paid monthly on this account. The minimum balance requirement is $1000.00. These are available for corporations and organizations of our natural person members and referred to as Corporate Cash Investment Account (CCIA).  Most of the same benefits are available on CCIA that come with the CIA.

  • COLLEGIATE CHECKING ACCOUNT - The checking account for ages 18-24. No monthly fees, no minimum balance and no direct deposit required to obtain this account. Must have e-statements and valid address to sign up. Also, you can get up to $15 per month refunded at the end of every month on foreign ATM charges.

  • ELITE CHECKING ACCOUNT - This account is dedicated to ages 55 and up. With no monthly fee, no minimum balance and no direct deposit required this account should help you manage your money. You will also receive a free box of basic duplicate checks annually and 20% off checking account products purchased through JCFCU.

  • NEW BEGINNING - Denied a checking account? This account is for you for only a $10 monthly fee and no minimum balance. Must have a direct deposit and no checks will be issued on this account. You are required to stay in this account at least six months before requesting to transfer to a different account.

  • REWARDS +PLUS+ CHECKING Click Here For More Information

  • BUSINESS CHECKING ACCOUNTS - Choose from Regular or the Corporate Cash Investment Account (see CIA description above).