Certificate of Deposit & IRA

  • IRA ACCOUNTS - Individual Retirement Accounts are available to members seeking a vehicle for tax-sheltered savings. The credit union offers two options for investment. Our IRA Accumulation account provides our membership with a "passbook" type account. The Accumulation account offers unrestricted deposit and withdrawal privileges. Above market dividends are paid quarterly on the average daily balance. The minimum balance requirement is $5.00. There are new ways to take advantage of tax-free AND tax-deferred savings through individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Perhaps the biggest news for retirement investors is the creation of the Roth IRA, which allows you to grow your retirement savings and withdraw them at retirement paying 0% capital gains tax! Check out IRA Options for more details.

  • IRA CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT - Our regular above market certificate rates and favorable terms can be applied to IRA deposits as well. The minimum balance requirement is $500.00 and the minimum term is one year.

  • CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT - Share Certificates provide our members with the vehicle to lock away deposits for longer terms entitling the member to an even higher dividend rate. Members are invited to select from terms ranging from three months to five years. In contrast to many depository institutions, the member's principal is never penalized in the event of early withdrawal. The minimum balance requirement is $500.00.